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In the Now - Q&A with Carla and Crew

"In the Now - Q&A with Carla and Crew" will be live soon at 1:00PM Eastern! Join Carla and the gang for some Law of One chat where we discuss questions sent in from seekers.

The catalyst, and all catalyst, is designed to offer experience. This experience in your density may be loved and accepted or it may be controlled. These are the two paths. When neither path is chosen the catalyst fails in its design and the entity proceeds until catalyst strikes it which causes it to form a bias towards acceptance and love or separation and control. There is no lack of space/time in which this catalyst may work.



In each moment your choice is to accept yourself as the self that your culture and your environment suggest that you are or to accept yourself as something far more articulated. It may seem grandiose to those who like the idea of being powerless and without responsibility in any ethical sense. To those who are thirsty for the one infinite Creator, it seems a positive blessing to be pulled forward by the desire to seek. Those who wish to become more than they know are those who would choose to become co-creators with the forces placed into motion at the time of birth.

The Daily Q’uote for April 17, 2014


The Law of One blinks neither at the light nor the darkness, but is available for service to others and service to self.



Faith is indeed a gift in that some entities have a clearer line or connection with their own unconscious mind. Faith is also a built-in, inherent and native portion of the deep mind and thusly it can be developed and pulled up into the conscious existence by one who works to form the habit of turning to faith and faith�s ability to give one the opportunity to create that area of control which changes the fear and fret of daily worry into an occasion to invoke faith. Once that feeling has been experienced of the support given by faith, then it becomes more and more natural to turn from the small circle of worry to the upreaching of prayer, intercession, praise and thanksgiving.

The Daily Q’uote for April 15, 2014


2014.04.15: In the Now - Q&A with Carla and Crew

In the Now - Q&A with Carla and Crew

"In the Now - Q&A with Carla and Crew" is live soon at 1:00PM Eastern. Join us as we discuss questions sent in from seekers through a lens of the Law of One.

The primary mechanism for catalytic experience in third-density is other-self. The list of other catalytic influences: firstly, the Creator’s universe; secondly, the self.



There is much of blessing in the gardening and the care of surroundings, for when this is accomplished in love of the creation the second-density flowers, plants, and small animals are aware of this service and return it.



There are many paths. They do all lead to the Creator. You cannot take an incorrect path in thought or in meditation or in practice. And you need to move by feelings, by that resonance that tells you when you are on the right track.

The Daily Q’uote for April 9, 2014


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