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We are sorry to have no techniques to offer you, save one. Seek, and seek, and seek again, patiently, persistently and extravagantly. Find ways to laugh and bless your tears. Attempt to see love in everyone and everything and forgive yourself when you do not. Never let any seriousness, guilt or unhappiness divide you from your seeking for the love of love. Knowledge is not of your illusion. You [seek] to choose fully, to know the face of the Creator by a love that is full of compassion and service to others, a love that is radiant unto them, and so you must love and enjoy and cheer each other and know that if you bring each other to the resting place another may desire, it is love that has lead the way and not your knowledge. Seek, my friends, love, in love, for love’s sake. All else will follow.

The Daily Q’uote for August 22, 2014

Full session: http://www.llresearch.org/transcripts/issues/1986/1986_1220.aspx

It is not necessary to look past the present moment and wonder at how it shall be possible to be of service and to radiate that love which one seeks in one’s life pattern, for that has been given to you to recognize in each moment if one will but turn the desire to seek the truth toward each moment and continue to find the face of the Creator in each face which meets yours, and, indeed, within your own face and within each portion of the environment which supports and surrounds you at all times. Thus, you have as a life pattern that which has been designed to provide you with opportunity after opportunity to give that which is possible and to find that love which is there.

The Daily Q’uote for August 21, 2014

Full session: http://www.llresearch.org/transcripts/issues/1986/1986_1130.aspx

To know your self is to have the foundation upon firm ground.



It is so that at any point at which one’s heart rises in joy, appreciation and thankfulness at some beauty or blessing of life, one has accessed consciousness. The steady state of consciousness is one of joy, peace and love, and it is a wonderful experience when that sunshine bursts through and one’s heart is lifted up in the sudden awareness of the stunning beauty of the present moment.

The Daily Q’uote for August 20, 2014


2014.08.19: In the Now - Q&A with Carla and Crew

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Observing and expressing emotions.
  • The relationship of religions to the Law of One.
  •  How to accelerate spiritual growth.
  •  Crystals.
  •  Karma.

When you feel the farthest from any true spirituality in your daily regular life, you are, at the same time, a hair’s breadth from accessing the astounding power of consciousness. And when you can access that consciousness and invite it up into the details of your life, consciousness begins to live your life. And you know that there is nothing that you do that is not sacred.

The Daily Q’uote for August 19, 2014


It is important to allow each seeker to enlighten itself rather than for any messenger to attempt in language to teach/learn for the entity, thus being teach/learner and learn/teacher.



We encourage each to form the habit of silence on a regular basis, for that voice which speaks in silence is that which gives life and peace. We do not say that it gives wisdom. Rather, we suggest that it works little by little to open the heart and the awareness to the presence of love. There are other ways to find love. If you gaze into another’s eyes, truly looking into those remarkable depths, you may see the Creator. Even if you look within the mirror at your own eyes and look into them, you shall see that which you do not know or recognize as personal, for you carry within you a consciousness which is love. It is a matter of uncovering and recognizing that which has always been there, that presence which is closer than your breathing, more intimate than your hands and your feet. It is that which abides. And if you may find that center for just a moment in each day, the passing scene changes in its appearance, for the heart has changed, and so the eyes change.

The Daily Q’uote for August 15, 2014

Full session: http://www.llresearch.org/transcripts/issues/1996/1996_0114.aspx

In the balanced individual the energies lie waiting for the hand of the Creator to pluck harmony.



Since all are indeed portions of the one infinite Creator and move in harmony with that Creator, whether the harmonious pattern of movement is known consciously or not known consciously, one may have faith that the life pattern has been described and conceived in a fashion which will bring to one those opportunities to be of service to all which come before one’s notice and to share what you call love in a fashion which is most appropriate for each moment.

The Daily Q’uote for August 13, 2014

Full session: http://www.llresearch.org/transcripts/issues/1986/1986_1130.aspx

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