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The skill with which one handles situations involving other selves is a good resource to encourage in the self, for one who seeks to serve others naturally and organically wishes to be helpful and positive in the effect one has upon others. And we congratulate each when each has treated an entity with compassion and kindness in excess of what one may be feeling internally, for it is well to treat others kindly and with love… Being true to the self by being kind even when one does not feel kindly is a polarizing and positive choice. Yet, if this unbalanced action is not taken into the self in some way and balanced or assimilated it will drain the entity of energy for the entity will be speaking a lie. In order for the self to gather its energy anew there must be the process of looking for and seeking the truth of that imperfect and polarizing experience within the illusion.

The Daily Q’uote for September 17, 2014


To analyze an unique entity is to do the impossible, for both that which we call love, or Logos, or the Creator, which is a portion of you, and the portion of you that is unique, are mysteries, now and forever. It is a matter of allowing that mystery to be a mystery. That is most helpful within the incarnational experience. It is acceptable to be unknown to the self in a final way if one realizes that that is the situation and will be the situation until the allowing of consciousness becomes such that one no longer desires to know about consciousness, but only to be consciousness. At that point, which we have not yet reached, there is the returning to the infinite One, and the creation moves from creation to creation, as entities are sent out and then return, that manifestation may blaze in its appropriateness within the infinity of intelligence.

The Daily Q’uote for September 16, 2014


2014.09.16: In the Now - Q&A with Carla and Crew

In today’s episode of “In the Now - Q&A with Carla and Crew”, we discuss: 

- Being an aspect of the Creator.
- The difference between enabling and acceptance.
- Processing negative catalyst.

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Your consciousness is one atom of an inorganic organism which is the infinite Creator, so that you are the sun within your own constellation of being and are the center of your world, and yet, at the same time, every other soul is also a sun. And so, those near to you are as the galaxy, and you dance as stars dance, rotating about each other and swimming in a sea of infinite possibilities.

The Daily Q’uote for September 15, 2014


We suggest that each see a relationship as an opportunity to be in love with the Creator, to tend to an angel that is in your care, and to refrain from the judgment of behavior but rather find ways to express those positive aspects of love which come from the open, accepting and forgiving heart. We do not offer that which is easy to do as a suggestion, but we do offer that which is, shall we say, the higher path, the path that will tend to bring the relationship into its own balance, whatever that may be. For beneath the questions of this kind of love or that kind of love flows the current of friendship, companionship and that wonderful ease that comes to those who truly and unguardedly love.

The Daily Q’uote for September 13, 2014


The work of the balance exercise is simply to find each trigger which moved you this day from a certain default balance to an unbalanced or distorted reaction, whether it was for positive or negative, so-called.

Looking at those things within the self, looking at the process by which one was pulled off center, tells you about yourself. And as you allow those feelings to be viewed again and even to be intensified and then, as you allow the seemingly opposite emotion to come, as a complementary color would be seen across the color wheel, you lessen distortion within yourself by encouraging the equal respect given to both the seemingly negative and the seemingly positive.

The Daily Q’uote for September 12, 2014


The touch and presence and mark made by each entity is felt not only within the family, the classroom, and the community, but is felt within the planetary being and indeed throughout the one creation, for there is a connection between all portions of creation. As a note played upon a musical instrument is heard by any ear within its range of sound, thus are feelings and thoughts and actions recorded within the self, within the family, within the Earth itself and indeed each is heard as a note throughout the one creation.

The Daily Q’uote for September 9, 2014


The nature of all that is not the one original Thought is to be distorted. Distortion is not a bad word. Distortion is not an insulting word. There is distortion in all manifestation, even the highest and best you can imagine. If there were no distortion, there would be no creation, for the creation itself, in its manifested aspect, is a series of nested distortions. Thusly, one is not attempting to remove distortion completely, but rather to allow it to become more coherent; to change stuttering and muddy colors to laser lights and jewels.

The Daily Q’uote for September 8, 2014


Each responsibility is an honor; each honor, a responsibility.



It is an interesting thing to look at what the self tells the self, for there are many times when the self that is not fully aware of the possibilities may find many faults within the self and within another. And it is well to be able to speak of these things, yet, beneath this level, there is the level in which the truth is love. Consequently, when the moment comes to have a response to catalyst, let that response be the response that answers the question, “Where is the love in this moment?” The goal between any part of the Creator and another self that is also part of the Creator, is to serve, to love, and to accept the love offerings of others. Often, these love offerings are clumsy, mis-expressed, even meaningless in a linear sense but only containing the non-logical meaning of emotion itself; emotion that is carried, perhaps, even from lifetime to lifetime, looking for a way to balance those energies that are unbalanced.

The Daily Q’uote for September 7, 2014


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