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We realize the difficulty that any seeker of truth meets when looking upon the illusion which is your world. There is much of sorrow and suffering which seems without just cause and even more seemingly tragic without a possible resolution. We can only suggest to each that one attempt to look beyond the outer appearance of any situation and see the heart of all entities and events as being the one Creator knowing Itself in yet another way that might seem incomprehensible, yet in such mystery lies infinite potential for love to be found, for, indeed, there is no thing or being made of any other substance.

The Daily Q’uote for August 28, 2014


Things come not to those positively oriented but through such beings.



In terms of the metaphysical, the clumsy and awkward attempts of sincere people are far more persuasive than the sophisticated, easily spoken and roundly shaped phrases of faith that do not come from the heart. It is not necessary to be clever, articulate or even to have words. What is necessary is that there be a process that is passionately being pursued whereby the seeker is seeking along the path of spiritual evolution.

The Daily Q’uote for August 26, 2014


Like a powerful telescope, the concentrated mind can open us to vast mystical states including realms of light, visions, rapture, and illumination. Like polishing a lens on a microscope, concentration can allow us to see more deeply into the body and mind.

– Jack Kornfield  (via theuniverseworks) Via The Universe Works

The key to balance may then be seen in the unstudied, spontaneous, and honest response of entities toward experiences, thus using experience to the utmost, then applying the balancing exercises and achieving the proper attitude for the most purified spectrum of energy center manifestation in violet ray. This is why the brilliance or rotational speed of the energy centers is not considered above the balanced aspect or violet ray manifestation of an entity in regarding harvestability; for those entities which are unbalanced, especially as to the primary rays, will not be capable of sustaining the impact of the love and light of intelligent infinity to the extent necessary for harvest.



There is sent a glorious company of those who surround you, love you and love the one original Thought that is slowly taking place and growing within each. Call upon those helpers which you know by names such as Holy Spirit, guardian angel, and inner guides. More than that, rest back into the recollection of the enormous web of caring, trusting, hoping and loving which your most mixed-up planet does indeed send out greatly.

The Daily Q’uote for August 24, 2014

Full session: http://www.llresearch.org/transcripts/issues/1987/1987_1227.aspx

The clearest way to approach emotion, living day-to-day, would be to remain transparent and unattached to the outcome of one’s objects of desire or will or one’s expectations. However, it is precisely the inability of the individual within incarnation to remain unattached to outcomes which creates the bulk of distorted emotional reactions. Thusly, if one loved another purely and without attachment of any kind, and that object of love chose to move into relationship with another self beside the self, in the unattached entity this would be only a source of joy, knowing that the other self that is so beloved was doing something that he or she enjoyed. However, it is seldom that entities are unattached in this way.

The Daily Q’uote for August 23, 2014

Full session: http://www.llresearch.org/transcripts/issues/2009/2009_1226.aspx

We are sorry to have no techniques to offer you, save one. Seek, and seek, and seek again, patiently, persistently and extravagantly. Find ways to laugh and bless your tears. Attempt to see love in everyone and everything and forgive yourself when you do not. Never let any seriousness, guilt or unhappiness divide you from your seeking for the love of love. Knowledge is not of your illusion. You [seek] to choose fully, to know the face of the Creator by a love that is full of compassion and service to others, a love that is radiant unto them, and so you must love and enjoy and cheer each other and know that if you bring each other to the resting place another may desire, it is love that has lead the way and not your knowledge. Seek, my friends, love, in love, for love’s sake. All else will follow.

The Daily Q’uote for August 22, 2014

Full session: http://www.llresearch.org/transcripts/issues/1986/1986_1220.aspx

It is not necessary to look past the present moment and wonder at how it shall be possible to be of service and to radiate that love which one seeks in one’s life pattern, for that has been given to you to recognize in each moment if one will but turn the desire to seek the truth toward each moment and continue to find the face of the Creator in each face which meets yours, and, indeed, within your own face and within each portion of the environment which supports and surrounds you at all times. Thus, you have as a life pattern that which has been designed to provide you with opportunity after opportunity to give that which is possible and to find that love which is there.

The Daily Q’uote for August 21, 2014

Full session: http://www.llresearch.org/transcripts/issues/1986/1986_1130.aspx

To know your self is to have the foundation upon firm ground.



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